Bird Species of Eaton Canyon

Located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Eaton Canyon Park attracts a diversity of birds through the seasons. Natural communities in the canyon include oak woodland, coastal sage scrub, open wash with riparian vegetation along the intermittent stream and the adjacent chaparral-covered hillsides. A walk through the canyon during the peak of the spring migration (April-May) should provide an abundance of warblers, vireos, orioles, and flycatchers, along with the wide variety of resident birds. Hawks and owls hunt the chaparral and oak woodlands by day and night, respectively.

The list below, which is arranged in phylogenetic order (reading down each column) by common name, contains over 150 species and subspecies known to have been seen at one time or another in the Park. New birds are being added yearly. Refer to the chart for explanations of the abbreviations, and click on the underlined names to view photos.

Abbreviations Used in the List:

C = Common FC = Fairly Common U = Uncommon O = Occasional R = Rare
Vag = Vagrant Res = Resident WV = Winter Visitor SV = Summer Visitor M = Migrant

American White Pelican (flying)  R:M Bewick's Wren  C:Res
Great Blue Heron  R:WV House Wren  C:SV
Green Heron  R:WV American Dipper  R:Res
White-faced Ibis (flying)  R:M Ruby-crowned Kinglet  C:WV
Mallard  R:WV Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  O:WV
Turkey Vulture  O:M Western Bluebird  U:Res
Osprey (flying)  R:M Townsend's Solitaire  R:WV
Northern Harrier  R:M Swainson's Thrush  C:M
Sharp-shinned Hawk  FC:WV Hermit Thrush  C:WV
Cooper's Hawk  U:Res American Robin  O:WV
Red-shouldered Hawk  O:Res Varied Thrush  R:WV
Swainson's Hawk  R:M Wrentit  C:Res
Red-tailed Hawk  C:Res Northern Mockingbird  C:Res
Ferruginous Hawk  R:M Sage Thrasher  Vag
Golden Eagle  R:WV Brown Thrasher  Vag
American Kestral  O:Res California Thrasher  C:Res
California Quail  C:Res Cedar Waxwing  O:WV
Killdeer  O:SV Phainopepla  FC:SV
Common Snipe  R:WV Northern Shrike  Vag
Rock Dove  U:Res Loggerhead Shrike  O:Res
Band-tailed Pigeon  C:WV European Starling  C:Res
Spotted Dove  O:Res Cassin's Vireo  O:M
Mourning Dove  C:Res Hutton's Vireo  O:M
Common Ground-dove  R:M Warbling Vireo  C:M
Greater Roadrunner  U:Res Tennessee Warbler  Vag
Barn Owl  R:M Orange-crowned Warbler  C:M
Western Screech-owl  U:Res Nashville Warbler  C:M
Great Horned Owl  C:Res Virginia's Warbler  U:M
Northern Pygmy-owl  R:Res Yellow Warbler  U:M
Northern Saw-whet Owl  R:WV Chestnut-sided Warbler  Vag
Lesser Nighthawk  R:SV Black-throated Blue Warbler  Vag
Common Poorwill  U:Res Yellow-rumped (Aud.) Warbler C:WV
Vaux's Swift  O:M Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Wrbler R:WV
White-throated Swift  C:Res Black-throated Gray Warbler  C:M
Black-chinned Hummingbird  U:SV Townsend's Warbler  FC:M
Anna's Hummingbird  C:Res Hermit Warbler  U:M
Costa's Hummingbird  U:M Prothonotary Warbler  Vag
Rufous Hummingbird  U:M MacGillivray's Warbler  O:M
Allen's Hummingbird  U:M Common Yellowthroat  U:M
Belted Kingfisher  O:M Hooded Warbler  Vag
Lewis' Woodpecker  R:WV Wilson's Warbler  C:M
Acorn Woodpecker  C:Res Yellow-breasted Chat  R:M
Red-naped Sapsucker  O:WV Summer Tanager  Vag
Red-breasted Sapsucker  U:WV Western Tanager  U:SV
Nuttal's Woodpecker  C:Res Black-headed Grosbeak  C:SV
Downey Woodpecker  C:Res Lazuli Bunting  R:M
Hairy Woodpecker  U:Res Green-tailed Towhee  R:M
Northern (Yellow-shafted) Flicker  Vag Spotted Towhee  C:Res
Norther (Red-shafted) Flicker  C:Res California Towhee  C:Res
Olive-sided Flycatcher  U:M Rufous-crowned Sparrow  U:Res
Western Wood-pewee  C:M Chipping Sparrow  O:M
Willow Flycatcher  R:M Brewer's Sparrow  Vag
Hammond's Flycatcher  U:M Lark Sparrow  R:WV
Dusky Flycatcher  R:M Black-throated Sparrow  R:M
Gray Flycatcher  Vag Sage Sparrow  R:M
Pacific-slope Flycatcher  C:M Savannah Sparrow  U:WV
Black Phoebe  FC:Res Fox Sparrow  U:WV
Say's Phoebe  O:WV Song Sparrow  U:Res
Ash-throated Flycatcher  FC:SV Lincoln's Sparrow  U:WV
Cassin's Kingbird  R:M Swamp Sparrow  Vag
Western Kingbird  O:M White-throated Sparrow  Vag
Tree Swallow  U:M Golden-crowned Sparrow  C:WV
Violet-green Swallow  C:M White-crowned Sparrow  C:WV
Northern Rough-winged Swallow  U:M Harris' Sparrow  Vag
Cliff Swallow  U:M Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco  C:WV
Barn Swallow  O:M Dark-eyed (Sl.-colored) Junco  R:WV
Steller's Jay  O:WV Dark-eyed (Gr.-headed) Junco  R:WV
Western Scrub Jay  C:Res Western Meadowlark  R:M
American Crow  C:Res Brown-headed Cowbird  O:SV
Common Raven  FC:Res Hooded Oriole  C:SV
Mountain Chickadee  O:WV Bullock's Oriole  C:SV
Oak Titmouse  C:Res Purple Finch  U:WV
Bushtit  C:Res House Finch  C:Res
Red-breasted Nuthatch  O:WV Pine Siskin  O:WV
White-breasted Nuthatch  O:WV Lesser Goldfinch  FC:SV
Brown Creeper  R:WV Lawrence's Goldfinch  O:WV
Rock Wren  FC:Res American Goldfinch  C:WV
Canyon Wren  U:Res House Sparrow  C:Res