Toll Road to Mt Wilson

Mount Wilson, at 5,710' above sea level, houses many radio and television antennae as well as the famous observatory. The observatory and other buildings are open only on the weekends, so if you're hiking there during the week be certain you take plenty of food and water with you. There is no water available anywhere along the trail! Henninger Flats has no flush toilets and no drinking water. There is a pit toilet available. For more information or to find out how to obtain camping permits please contact the Henninger Flats visitors center at (626) 794-0675 or contact the Angeles National Forest at (626) 574-1613.  Be aware that there is little or no shade along the way until you reach Henninger Flats.

View of Eaton Canyon, Altadena, and Pasadena from the Toll Road
View of Eaton Canyon, Altadena, and Pasadena from the Toll Road

Here are the three major routes to Mount Wilson:

  1. From the parking lot, walk north across the wash and turn left (north), then walk approximately one-half mile to Walnut Canyon and climb the steep, windy horse trail, which meets with the Toll Road. Take the Toll Road uphill (total distance: 9 miles each way - the most strenuous).

  2. Same as #1, but continue past Walnut Canyon all the way to the bridge and take the Toll Road uphill (total distance: 9.5 miles each way - very strenuous)

  3. Take the Toll Road all the way from the Pinecrest gate (total distance: 8.7 miles each way - very strenuous). To get to the Pinecrest gate, go north on Altadena Drive one mile past the entrance to Eaton Canyon. Turn right on Crescent, then right again on Pinecrest. Observe parking signs carefully.